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Nonprofit Charities, a News Story, and Religion, and POVERTY



·Hocus-Pocus Religion, Politicized Churches and Federally-Funded Oppression 



ALSO samples of Louisiana former Governor Kathleen Blanco’s conglomerate of for profit and not for profit business ties, federal funding contracts, gifts shown here: http://lawgrace.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/OIG-Audit-_Louisiana-Office-of-Homeland-Security-Katrina-disaster-recovery-Gov.-Blanco.pdf.




The critical matter for attention is conflicting relationships that nonprofits, politics, and churches have established with each other.  That conflict is not confined to those parties, just like incarcerated former U.S. congressman William Jefferson family's are not / were not confined to poor people and the Jeffersons!  Further, is the grief I feel as I reflect on the fact that the primary reason why atrocious pre-Katrina conditions -that became revealed to the entire world when spotlights showed people at the New Orleans Superdome– was the fact political corruption and cronyism were the culprits, in the same apparent manner it appears to be a factor in this city I now reside.  The post written in 2006 sums up what things were like then: "Casualties From New Orleans’ Ineptness and Corruption Are Coming To A City Near You" http://lawgrace.org/2006/06/30/casualties-from-new-orleans-ineptness-and-corruption-are-coming-to-a-city-near-you/

IN MY NECK OF THE WOODS here in Shreveport, the Shreveport City “housing inspectors” (and somehow the Mayor? associated with Inspection frauds and people who were arrested) against the poor, elderly and disabled.  Shreveport, Louisiana – Criminal investigation says the city funded a housing scam against the poor, elderly and disabled   http://katysexposure.wordpress.com/2009/12/31/shreveport-louisiana-criminal-investigation-says-the-city-funded-a-housing-scam-against-the-poor-elderly-and-disabled/  Contractors inspectors for Shreveport Community Development arrested http://www.stormtracker12.org/story/11018825/contractors-inspectors-for-sport-comm-dev-arrested   

PLUS —Incarcerated people, Louisiana's Homeland Security director & Shreveport / Caddo Parish Sheriff, Steve Prator !!!   Who's your neighbor_ Do many of us really know much more than ‘Hi, how are ya’_ about the people next door    http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/08/us/louisiana-prosecutor-becomes-blunt-spokesman-for-death-penalty.html?_r=0   http://lawgrace.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Clergy-to-be-used.-.-.1.jpg


**(former) Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover

"Three Fold Consultants," pleaded guilty of paying former New Orleans Mayor Nagin $72,000 to secure no-bid engineering contracts, has been paid more than $769,000 over the last ten years by the City of Shreveport(authorized by its mayor) http://www.ktbs.com/news/Guilty-plea-in-New-Orleans-raises-questions-in-Shreveport/-/144844/17840538/-/10yvn7b/-/index.html …

FED PROBE, NAGIN & OTHER TIES TO SHREVEPORT MAYOR “A key figure in the wide-ranging federal investigation of former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin is also a campaign contributor to Mayor Cedric Glover, and recipient of Shreveport city hall contracts.” http://forward-now.com/?p=5471

*Also, concerning Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations in Mississippi continue to unfold. Mississippi is highest ranking in the U S for POVERTY –and sadly, it is the best location for which to operate charities fraud, via religious and financial exploitation of poor (disadvantaged) people.

“The Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain helps DMR Director Bill Walker buy his son’s property. A DMR friends and family program update” http://www.slabbed.org/2012/11/12/the-land-trust-for-the-mississippi-coastal-plain-helps-dmr-director-bill-walker-buy-his-sons-property-a-dmr-friends-and-family-program-update/

“Mississippians are being robbed blind by Phil Bryant’s political cronies. Exactly where are all the bucks stopping?” http://www.slabbed.org/2012/12/10/mississippians-are-being-robbed-blind-by-phil-bryants-political-cronies-exactly-where-are-all-the-bucks-stopping/

"Media ignored Mississippi's use of waivers to redirect funds designated for low-income Katrina victims"  Media ignored Mississippi's use of waivers to redirect funds