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UPDATE  SEE>>  Churches and Homeland Security Unite To Re-Victimize Katrina Victims @ http://newsblaze.com/usnews/national/churches-and-homeland-security-unite-to-re-victimize-katrina-victims_71439/ and SEE>>  Hocus-Pocus Religion, Politicized Churches and Federally-Funded Oppression @ http://lawgrace.org/2016/11/28/hocus-pocus-religion-politicized-churches-and-federally-funded-oppression/   



Doyle Adams * Hetti K Hobdy * Lake Community Development Corporation * HOPE for the Homeless * Terri Brock Axelson * Pittre Walker * Smitherman Law Firm * 1068 Dalzell Street * 3106 Highway 44E. McComb, MS, 39648 *  Centerpoint Community Services * Mark L Hornsby *  Bonnie Moore * New Orleans Affordable Homeownership * Larry Lawrence Brandon (bishop¿!) * Lydia P. Jackson* C. Ray Nagin, Stacey Jackson, Cedic B. Glover * HOME Investment Partnerships Program "HOME" * Workforce Investment Act  * Barbara Norton * Caddo Parish School Board Education for Homeless Children and Youths * Cook, Yancey, King & Galloway * 1134 College Street * Elizabeth Swaine Culp * 12 Moore’s Federal Practice 3d ¶ 60.21 [4][a] (3d ed.2003)


                                                                                                                                                         City of Shreveport 2014 budget pageJEWELL HOUSE, Youth Outreach ServicesShreveport -Hettie K Hobdy (youth services, Hurricane Katrina)HOPE for the Homeles page 1of 86 -Terri BrockPLAINTIFFS MOTIONS PURSUANT TO RULE 60(b)(3) -Stamped Sept.9thCenterCommunityServices -Liz Swaine, Terri Brock, Smitherman LaHOPEfortheHomeless, CenterpointCommunityServices, Caddo HEEPLCDC -Everett assisted livingGrace Community -McKinney Vento representation (page 6)Grace Community tax return page 2 of 11Grace Community tax return page 1 of 11CenterCommunityServices -Hurricane Katrina fundsPittre Walker Caddo Schools 1134 College StreetShreveport -Boonie Moore solicting orgs for CHDOs1068 Dalzell StreetCooperative Agreement -Athlethics and Aquatics scam (page 1), cWalker's LEA funds request cover letter pagePittre Walker Caddo Schools 1134 College Street (2nd)Pinkie Clinton's Lakeland Street Grace HouseClinton-Everett 1134 College Grace House, Grace Community. . .Announcement -purchase of old YWCA (note added)City of Shreveport 2014 Budget includes Jewell House although not nonprofitmanta shows Everett owns homeless shelter for girlsYouth Outreach Services tax return by Pittre Walker -p 1of 2Youth Outreach Services tax return by Pittre Walker -p 2of 2Caddo Parish property tax notice Youth Outreach ServicesBeaird (Pittre Walker 2009)Beaird (Pittre Walker 2010)Beaird (Pittre Walker 2011)Beaird (Pittre Walker 20112)Lake Community Development --from Sec of State