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In Protest of Judicial \ Political NONPROFIT RACKETEERING via Class Action “Cy Pres” and Disaster Funding –SOURCE OF: Totalitarianism, Unfair Competition, Inequity, Disintegrated Communities, Deceptive Trade Practices, Violence –and more

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Churches and Homeland Security Unite To Re-Victimize Katrina Victims and 

Hocus-Pocus Religion, Politicized Churches and Federally-Funded Oppression 


Under color of official right, federal judges Samuel Maury Hicks and Mark Lane Hornsby obstructed exposure of Sarbanes-Oxley NONPROFIT illegalities and frauds described in this http://lawgrace.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Plantiff-Jacksons-Rule-15d.pdf Rule 15(d) Supplemental pleading pertaining Hurricanes Katrina and Rita disasters, community block grants, and unlawful nonprofit dealings that re-victimized scores of displaced evacuees.  (A complaint of Judicial Misconduct concerning that obstructed supplement also was filed, but discarded by Shreveport, Louisiana resident, Chief Judge Carl E. Stewart.   (Click this link to view NONPROFIT ENTITIES and affiliates: REVISED_Nonprofits, NGOs, Foundations, Charitable Affiliates  As it pertains to the year2005 hurricanes, not only have some us become again victimized after losing all that was meaningful to us; some of us are separated to this date, from our loved ones, and some of us deliberately prevented from returning to New Orleans –as well as excluded from economic opportunities in the places where we're forced to reside (as some of us are being unlawfully used by NGOs as commodities for federal dollars)

The Robert T. Stafford Disaster Legal Services –42 U.S.C. § 5182 appears to be the primary tool for nonprofit pilfering of government provisions and funds, and for outrageous unscrupulous  exploitation of classes of disaster victims –ESPECIALLY evacuees who naively came to Shreveport. 

Nonprofits’ Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection violations; abuses of the Volunteer Protection Act; Tribunal subversion of government programs and funds

Among ways that illicit nonprofit activities involving scores of legal professionals (including courtroom judges) and their allies, pertaining to Stafford Act disaster funding and class action  settlement CyPres awards, occurs through the United Ways (Louisiana) and the Louisiana State Bar Association Young Lawyers Division's Barristers for Nonprofit Boards  (SEE: Louisiana State Bar Association YLD'S Barrister for Boards Program.  (Stay tuned for more details about how –in addition to judicially/politically controlled African American churches– certain other faith-based organizations, foundations, and businesses are superintended by law firms and courtroom judges from federal and state courts. 

In some instances, it is unfortunate that the Federal Volunteer Protection Act grants immunity to any 501(c) nonprofit organization, or volunteer. or governmental from tort liability for acts not caused by "willful and wanton misconduct,@ and done in good faith and within the scope of a person=s official function and duties with the organization.  Congressman John E. Porter testified at the 100th Cong., 1st Sess. (May 20, 1988)  before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts and Administrative Practices Hearings, that the purpose of the Volunteer Protection Act is to ensure that volunteers keep coming forward to offer their services."

Yet, volunteer abuse that’s concealed by nonprofits, managed by unscrupulous legal professionals is an alarming national social problem.   Also, not only are certain classes of people and businesses (including mine) being subjected to unfair competition, egregiously and even irreparably harmed, and exploited because of Sarbanes Oxley nonprofit racketeering,.it needs to be shouted from rooftops that certain Defendants in Class Action lawsuits who have paid out $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in Cy Pres settlement money that was intended for reparations, has been used by dishonest insiders to inflict upon some of us, devastation and destruction of livelihoods.  Thankfully, there are lawmakers who are seeking to pass H.R. 4450: "Incorporation Transparency and Law Enforcement Assistance Act"  [SEE: World’s Largest Banks Endorse Ending Anonymous Shell Companies http://thefactcoalition.org/worlds-largest-banks-endorse-ending-anonymous-shell-companies/ –of which, self-servingly, entities like the American Bar Association (ABA) opposes.  Ostensibly, concerning the state of Louisiana, the ABA manages FEMA, and its management is aided by various nonprofit entities, especially the nonprofit owned and controlled by Attorney Marta-Ann Schnabel through certain NGOs, including Schnabel’s foreboding “Louisiana Civil Justice Center.

Moreover, especially as it pertains to class action lawsuits litigated in “hell holes” of Louisiana federal and state courts (SEE:Judge Thomas Porteous and the Judicial 'Devil's Den' from Whence He Came  –and even considering BP Oil’s perfectly justified protest against being forced to pay billions in fraudulent CyPres money (a similar argument can be made for class action defendants in Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Medical, etc., cases), the wrongs being inflicted on us are even more urgent reasons why it is necessary to oppose and even rectify windfall class action settlement payments that fund our devastations –unlawfully and fraudulently, while illegally enriching undisclosed officers of the court and their allies!

Further, since it was BP’s litigation that led us to our Cy Pres discoveries, we now emphatically concur that BP’s contentions about unreasonably unfair CyPres awards is justified. Overwhelming evidence shows BP settlement money linked certain judges, law firms and associates.   Making matters worse, as repeatedly pointed out in this article, is that Stafford Disaster Act funds and CyPres money, aside from legitimate purposes, is utilized in furtherance of subjugating and impoverishing certain classes of people, and for demolishing our lives, and for impeding us from economic opportunities, as well as prevention from subsisting with dignity!  (Yet, some of those same oppressors dare call for peace –and ‘can we all get along’?)  Additionally, hopefully blog posts like this one can bestow enlightenment to the self-adulating Fifth Circuit Appeals Court chief judge, Carl E. Stewart [a Shreveport resident / a/k/a Shreveport Plantation].  To be specific: New Orleans, Shreveport / Caddo Parish, as well as throughout Louisiana, increasingly grapples with surges of home invasions, violence, shootings, lack of economic opportunities (and unfortunately, crime and addictions become means for them to cope), and POMPOUS political and judicial corruption (which means: Inequality and NO Rule of Law for “Haves Nots,” outsiders). Yet, in a publication wherein Stewart told about his refusal to consider certain people (even when their plights are not of their own making!), Stewart included his congratulatory remarks about himself and family, (for likely successfully ‘steppin & fetchin’), while ratifying this city’s subjugation agenda, callously and audaciously stating: “People who constantly cause conflict and stress, those are unhappy people.” (what brilliance –Not!)  The way I see it, ‘can we all get along folks’ need to cease attempting to force people to relish oppression and disparity, shaped from rampant graft and political corruption!  Maybe if somebody can ‘plain it’ to chief Stewart, some desperately needed change will come to Louisiana, and maybe Texas and Mississippi –overwhich Stewart’s appellate authority extends; and possibly his gain of added insight might be helpful for the American Inns of Court, Inns of Court – Tulanelink of which, also Stewart is (was) president*The American Inns of Court is comprised of “chapters” throughout all of the United States (some states have several Inns of Court chapters.  In Shreveport, the Harry V. Booth-Judge Henry A. Politz American Inn of Court is controlled and managed by Hornsby, the magistrate that the Judicial Misconduct Complaint, in conflict of interest, disposed of by Chief Stewart (necessary to distinguish the Stewarts since the chief’s daughter and his brother –who were also former Shreveport / Caddo DAs have climbed ladders to judgeship.  Judge Kaelia Stewart [SEE:Cake Walk for Karelia Stewart to Judgeship – Forward Now! ], also is prolifically involved in ABA/ “Young Lawyers” operations, that like her uncle, Sheriff Prator, Judge Hicks’ wife, Defendants Everett and Walker (and Caddo-School employed wife) and the Cook, Yancey, et al law firm, involves “At Risk” youth and their families –as well as HUD and McKinney-Vento funding.)

As consequences of such disparities and exploitation by legal professional with the ‘upper hand’ against disaster victims, and other unsuspecting people who are oblivious of ‘these games people play’, it’s not hard to recognize how class action defendants unwittingly are enabling social violence, poverty, and inequality.   Put plainly, it is not hard to see how certain defendants’ CyPres settlement money becomes utilized for legal professional windfalls, for laundering for profit and not for profit businesses and “foundations” controlled by legal communities –particularly by means of “partnering with,” and “collaborations,” and White Collar “Passthrough grant” frauds.

Further, there are Sarbanes Oxley nonprofit illegalities being furthered via predatory Third Sector “outreaches” that target school kids & families, as well as churches! (and sometimes erect) disadvantaged populations for purposes of increasing / strengthening voters who are Democrats (usually perceived to be African-Americans); and for securing, sustaining or even attaining NO-BID careers and benefits for their families, friends, and others who promote agendas and gratify those nonprofits –and meanwhile, inter alia, pit neighbors against neighbors!).  Certain nonprofits that became created. established, or augmented with CyPres dollars, are affiliated with unlawful nonprofit operations, inter alia, by usage of of disadvantaged business entity (DBE) as a "pass-through" arrangement in order to win government contracts.  To explain:  Unlawful “pass through fraud” gives the appearance that minority-owned entities perform government-funded work, when in fact non-minority companies fulfill government such contracts.  And worse, scores of people are not employed, underemployed, and / or restricted and excluded from job positions and opportunities, because not employing us lessons likelihoods of whistleblowers reporting government contracting fraud.  

Also, predominant “outreach” methods and targets for these types of legal profession-controlled nonprofits and foundations created with or from CyPres settlement money and government contracts evolve around “At-Risk Youth” and their families, nursing homes, and government agencies –especially after Presidentially Declared Disaster empower the American Bar Association’s confederations with HUD and the Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA) to take advantage of 42 U.S.C. § 5182 while pretending to aid certain classes of disaster victims. Unfortunately –since there are dangerous nonprofits that receive no oversight (particularly some that are moderated by judges and law firms), in collaboration with Homeland Security and Stafford Act– many provisions that are available to victims of disaster (e.g.  floods, hurricanes, oil spills, tornadoes, wild fires, etc.) are either selectively, limitly, or not at all furnished to disaster victims without political connections or prestige.

Plus, even though statutes and laws prohibit discrimination regarding government assistance and programs, there's really no meaningful oversight, regulation, or penalties pertaining funds involving class action Cy Pres awards –except when legal professionals make use of statutes like 42 U.S.C. § 5182  –“Robert T. Stafford Disaster Legal Services” in false advertisement, and for predatory and deceptive practice of making inroads into churches, communities, and neighborhoods (as will be explained in later posts), while deliberately withhold critical recovery information and depriving certain classes of disaster victims for services to which disaster victims are entitled.

Personally –on behalf of myself and other exploited disaster victims I know– I (we) wish to adamantly interject, that disaster victims who evacuated because of Rita, Katrina, oil spills, wild fires, and so on, DO NOT MERELY need a dwelling place so that unbeknownst to us, nonprofits can insert us on their logs, and so that faith-based groups and NGOs can utilize us as commodity for purposes of acquiring Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) dollars!  We would have preferred to reside –and become logged on registers in our home towns and among our families and friends –if only we had been informed that government $$$$$$$$$$$ was being given to such entities like those linked to Terri Brock Axelson, Melissa Flournoy, Richard LaPratt, Federal Judge Jay Zainey, HOPE for the Homeless, Bowman Internet Systems, Louisiana Services Network Data Consortium, and Louisiana Civil Justice Center. Furthermore,  Moreover, HOW IN THE HECK could it be lawful or possible to put us in government housing programs without our knowledge or consent!?  (Answers to such questions would have been known had it not been for the Cook, Yancey et al., law firm colluding with the presiding judges and court clerks at the Shreveport federal court –as the criminal judicial collusion, tampered and fabricated court documents and records irrefutably prove here>> :* Petition for Mandamus -JACKSON v WALKER-Correct the Record (filed Dec. 9, 2015)   * Motion to Correct the Case Record [Jackson-v-Walker] filed September 3, 2015).  Further, aside from a roof, disaster and evacuated people want and need employment as well as meaningful activity –like any other human!  Disaster and evacuated people do not appreciate it all that nonprofit entities withheld from us information about recovery provisions –beyond initial FEMA dollars, while unbeknownst to us collecting so-called “Emergency Shelter” and "Continuum of Care" funding, instead of enabling us to reside in locations of our familiar families and friends!   We loathe that we were not informed that under the Stafford Act we were allowed medical, burial, storage, dental, relocation, case management, job training and placement, and so on!   We do not appreciate it all, to be forced to reside in your cities where you refuse to allow us even an opportunity at employment, dignity, a sense of community –and you unfairly compete and destroy our businesses!  And furthermore, we don’t like it that you have made some of us the brunt of social outcast (through with smear campaigns, character assassinations, accusations of being slothful and lacking initiative, and so on!) because we question and refuse to accommodate your government program frauds.

As it pertains the city of Shreveport, it operates like a Plantation, [SEE: http://lawgrace.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Caddo-Parish-Shreveport-Louisiana-Modern-slavery.pdf] and the U.S. Constitution seems obsolete, particularly since the disquieting Shreveport / Caddo Parish Sheriff Prator (who is now head of homeland security for the State of Louisiana –God HELP!) ostensibly concocts his own rules, as well as authorizes others under his leadership to do likewise.  *ALSO SEE the Unconstitutional, perilous dictate for clergy > http://lawgrace.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Clergy-to-be-used.-.-.1.jpg < issued by Durell Tuberville and Sandy Davis concerning Katrina evacuees. Mr. Prator was also executive director for the "Clergy" Romans 13  SUPPRESSION nonsense!

Further, not even rape and abuse of mentally challenged people at Shreveport Fire Station  The three Shreveport firefighters are charged with cruelty to the infirm and principal. . .resulted in any consequences.  Also see: Hope turns to anguish at intensive-care unit_ Shreveport Firefighters went to New Orleans.  Obviously both ‘bible pushers’ were ineffective on their own firefighters turf.)   Yet, Mr. Prator is not the only cause for Shreveport functioning like a Plantation, as facts about people like former Shreveport Rep. Melissa Flournoy  Even CNN interviewed Prator about the Sheriff's almighty demand for FEMA to give Prator personal info on evacuees who came Shreveport.  SEE:Who's your neighbor_ Do many of us really know much more than ‘Hi, how are ya’_ about the people next door. [SEEFlournoy’s RACIST, 'Plantation' mindset, and NONPROFIT INFILTRATION agenda here BAD HOME TRAINING –AN OPEN LETTER TO MELISSA FLOURNOY OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD for blog–and in the future additional info about Flournoy on this website concerning Flournoy’s widespread nonprofit meanderings –including Flournoy’s fraudulent nonprofit, “Shreveport SRO ” that became “Centerpoint Community Services,” through which unsuspecting disaster victims were steered, defrauded, (because of dialing “2-1-1”), and enrolled into Shreveport concealed odyssey and network of disaster nonprofit frauds that was mostly operated by Terri Axelson Brock (and allies such as Bonnie Moore).  Information about the Centerpoint nonprofit, HUD funds, Moore, and others is also contained in the Rule 60(b)(3) fraud on the court motion (see the link below.)  (And noting some apparent need Flournoy has for PhD to be included with her name –OH WELL! ) (*much more about Flournoy in a different post).

And pertaining the evacuee disaster nonprofit lawsuit I filed in Shreveport, that, among other things, contains this Rule 60(b)(3) fraud on the court motion http://lawgrace.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Plaintiff-Jacksons-Rule-60-b3-MOTION-September-9-2014.pdf , and describes judicial extortion and obstruction of exposure of (and also evident in their rulings) nonprofit illegalities –of which (unbeknownst to me) not only involved those defendants, but various agencies and professionals from the REVISED_Nonprofits, NGOs, Foundations, Charitable Affiliates  [Contrary to insipid” litigious” label applied to me–  it makes sense that for seriously meritorious issues people with legal training (including me) make use of it –rather than have street brawls.] Moreover, God has granted me ‘an excellent mind’; hence I need not wiretap.]  Fundamentally, the July 8, 2013 lawsuit asserted business and personal damages and injuries that arose from agencies giving over a half million dollars to the unqualified shell nonprofit utilized by the defendants for their habitual unlawful obtainment of government funds, that included defrauding and exploiting displaced hurricane disaster victims evacuees like myself, family and others.  Additionally, the lawsuit repeatedly described religion manipulation, coercion, and exploitation violations of my Fair Housing Rights.

Nonetheless, during attempts to prosecute that lawsuit, I was unaware that directives from the Sheriff’s leadership had been issued for clergy to suppress Katrina evacuees by means of religion –particularly Romans 13, according to Davis and .Tuberville.  Furthermore, during the lawsuit, I was oblivious that certain clergies and churches are politically controlled –and compensated via permitted tax evasion and government program frauds.  And making matters worse –instead of church strengthening neighbors and communities (rather than utilizing them for McKinney-Vento and HUD funds)– as graphically described in my lawsuit, church attendees who question or interfere (even innocently) with nonprofit funding fraud are made public spectacles and ostracized.

Categorically, DEBAUCHERY and POLITICAL CONTROL over churches –through predatory outreaches, BALLOT INFLUENCING, Barratries’ disguised under government “outreach” programs has led to things like PITTING COMMUNITIES and WORSHIPPER AGAINST EACH OTHER (via contemptible incentives like the “promote thee” bribe in Numbers 22:17 of the Bible), and underhanded usage and selection of attendees–  are predominant reasons why hostility and anger, substance abuse, unemployment, poverty, public violence, dismantled households, and discord exists among African Americans (and perhaps classes of people).   It has become a despicable practice and agenda of certain legal professionals to target social problems and gain direct (and even indirect) inroads into lives of African American people –as well as  their families and affiliates by subtly asking questions and compiling information  through certain nonprofit outreach workers, and people on call center hotlines.  Most helpful to this scheme, certain Black churches are means for staffing existing or new nonprofits  –even when roughly ten per cent of funding and resources become used for addressing societal issues, while the rest goes for employing and enriching family and friends .  Additionally helpful to unscrupulous nonprofits’ government contract capabilities are genuine as well as phony volunteers who function in capacities such as these: informants, young professionals, trainees, rumormongers, mouthpieces, bloggers, tattlers, ambulance chasers, stool pigeons, scuttlebutts, talebearers, students, betrayers, solicitors, snitches barristers, grapevines, data collectors, and tipsters.      And informants who prove to be invaluable to such foundations and nonprofits wound up with lucrative opportunities, perks, and careers.   Our team has uncovered far more advanced and camouflaged methods, criminal nonprofit operations synonymous with the NONPROFIT RACKETEERING of former Congressman William Jefferson’s convicted New Orleans political family and friends in the Renee Gill Pratt, Betty Jefferson, et al.,  SEE >> http://lawgrace.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Renee-Gill-Pratt-Mose-Jefferson-Betty-Jefferson-Angela-Coleman-RICO-Indictment..pdf   Such operations are thriving in cities like New Orleans, Shreveport, Monroe, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette.  Moreover, those nonprofits’ so-called “collaborations” expands their numerous Sarbanes-Oxley operations across the United States.  All of such furthers unlawful competition, oppression, and disadvantages people not allied with unscrupulous foundations and nonprofits, and DATA Collecting (for use in acquisition of government funding),

Also, even prior to filing my July 8, 2013 federal case, to no avail, I provided approximately 12 inches of documents to Sheriff Prator’s office to prove disaster funding frauds and injuries to evacuees.  I was prompted to do so after Prator’s office seized from the defendants all four so-called evacuee houses, including my residence for nonpayment of property taxes –which is how I began finding out about the defendants’ government program fraud schemes tied the Caddo Parish School Board-Homeless Education for Children and Youth Program and the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act..  However, the only noticeable outcome from that report to the sheriff office was removal from the Internet information about those property seizures (but not before I printed copies of those notices, seizures, sales, and certified notices with church member signatures).

As these series of posting will explain, what has come to light long after that lawsuit was filed, is that scores of legal professionals and their patrons –including judges and their families become enriched, inter alia, by disasters and class action lawsuits, particularly through for profit and not for profit ventures

At any rate, with regard to my prima facie case, Cook, Yancey, King & Galloway law firm lawyers (Brian Homza and Allison Foster), despite never enrolling in the lawsuit– colluded with court clerks and judges to accomplish unjust dismissal of my case (for the time being).  Incontestable proof of court collusion is contained this Petition for Mandamus -JACKSON v WALKER-Correct the Record (filed Dec. 9, 2015);  yet, it was not until after the Fifth Circuit denied both mandamus petitions for correction of the false “Record on Appeal,” that information (thanks to media reports about BP oil spill settlement disputes concerning residual  funds from class action awards) caused me to learn about class action “residual” funding for foundations and nonprofits that are tied to, and / or controlled  by judges, firms, their families, and allies. (The next post and ones thereafter contain facts about perfidious legal community activity in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  Among upcoming examples is New Orleans Attorney Marta-Ann Schnabel and her contrived 2006 “Louisiana Civil Justice Center” (LCJC); and she unethically obtained a FEMA contract.  Additionally noteworthy is the fact that in 2006, the Louisiana Bar Foundation included an attorney from Cook, Yancey, et al.  The Bar Foundation funded and still funds Schnabel’s LCJC.

Further the INSULT of deceitful nonprofits, foundations, Third Sector, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Volunteerism, and whatever other labels they give themselves, is the lack of competitive opportunities and open bidding for careers and jobs; and some of them are involved in deceptive business trade practice, and unfair competition.   Also, a business that acquires a FEMA or HUD contract -and most likely CyPres funding- that entails “tracking” people, providing “information,” likely (wire tapping), and privacy invasion, among other things, SHOULD employ at least some percentage of those indigent people, to reduce such people need or dependency on government dollars and benefits –and some would even become be tax payers.  Obviously, employed indigent people would be less likely impoverished or HOMELESS (homelessness, a valuable means for nonprofits to obtain HUD funding, contracts –as well as careers and businesses for their families and patrons, due to sources such as McKinney-Vento and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  Furthermore, DATA COLLECTING and INFORMATION gathering by 333 Texas Street entities and their allies extends to information comprised in insurance policies, civil and criminal pleadings, bankruptcy petitions, nursing homes, hospital records, telephones, utility companies, etc.!!!  Furthermore –in my opinion– and hopefully in the opinion of ethical people in the Unites States Congress who realize society cannot / should not continue as it has, HUD ought not enter into such lucrative contracts that make it affordable for a company such as, “Bowman Internet Systems” to host a meet & greet at the Westin New Orleans Canal Place, considering society’s colossal poverty and housing needs –and considering Bowman’s clandestine ties to questionable nonprofits and individuals!

Our team has uncovered facts and evidence (facts that will not be handed over again to local lawmakers, like Sheriff Prator, for apparent whitewashing and reprisal!) that demonstrate seriously perilous activities involving “Cy Pres,” “Disaster funds,” judges, law firms, and political operatives.

For purposes of aiding fact-check for what’s being posted today and in future postings, much of what’s shown herein appears to be confined to the south since we have corroboration for these entities.  However, scores of entities being highlighted in these posts (for instance Federal Judge Zainey) are engaged in dealings that expand across this nation –and increasingly adversely affects people in businesses, and those who want and need employment.  Also, there are dealings and operations regarding Fifth Circuit Judge Carl E. Stewart’s national and international affiliates, as well as his membership on countless boards, and presidency of the American Inns of Court (of which Magistrate Hornsby operates the Shreveport chapter).  Further relevant to Judge Stewart is Shreveport’s dismal state of affairs, its incarceration rate greater than China, a disgraced former Shreveport district attorney who was quoted in the New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/08/us/louisiana-prosecutor-becomes-blunt-spokesman-for-death-penalty.html?_r=0 as saying “We should kill more people”, and the fact that Shreveport is a putridly corrupt city (SEE: LET’S TALK ABOUT CORRUPTION… BUT NOT THAT MUCH (Caddo) are indicatives about the chief judge and his brother and daughter judges of which eye raising facts have been written both as they climbed the DA ladder.  Also, an abundance of facts and evidence demonstrate Shreveport is Louisiana headquarters for Sarbanes-Oxley nonprofits illegalities and government programs fraud

It’s also significant to point out that 333 Texas Street, Shreveport, Louisiana is the location of the “North Louisiana Chapter Federal Bar Association” nonprofit that was founded by Judges Hicks and Hornsby; and it is situated inside suite 1700 –also the exact location of the Cook, Yancey, King & Galloway law firm.  Plus, at that 333 Texas Street address is the shuddering Bowman Internet System, as well as Wiener, Weiss & Madison law firm, where formerly Magistrate Hornsby practiced.  Further, the Bowman System is interlinked, inter alia, with these dubious entities: Louisiana Services Network Data Consortium, Richard LaPratt Richard Pratt's presentation to Kiwanis Club in Hammond, LA regarding post-Katrina 211 data base, HOPE for the Homeless, the defendants being sued, Melissa Flournoy, Judge Zainey; as well as DISASTERS, POVERTY, HOMELESS, and Department of Housing and Urban Development{HUD).   It is my hope that non-Louisiana lawmakers (those without interest in whitewashing) seriously investigate and prosecute people entangled with unlawful data and information collecting operations.  Also, probably an opportunity to gain more facts about Bowman (we dare not post all that we’ve found) is during its September 13-15, 2016 event in New Orleans Shreveport's Bowman Internet Systems solicitation & announcement of collaboration event to be held in New Orleans.  (Remarkably, like the American Legislative Exchange Council advertisement http://may-16.beforeitsnews.com/local/2011/07/scholarships-for-your-state-law-makers-alec-and-kochs-sending-them-to-new-orleans-expenses-paid-814030.html, Scholarships For Your State Law Makers! ALEC And Kochs Sending Them To New Orleans! Expenses Paid! —like the Bowman "collaboration" announcement seems to attract patrons by letting them know that government funding –targeted for addressing disadvantaged people’s issues– pick up the tabs.

Also, although this example is not exactly what certain law firms did, since I’ve already mentioned Sheriff Steve Prator, I might as well as point out –in my opinion– another among my long list of  predaceous acts by Prator.  This link shows Prator’s ad from flood victims to let the Sheriff’s office (so-called Press Releases from his office is just as meaningless!!!) –in addition to FEMA if they were victims of recent floods; yet scores of people like this guy reported he has no idea what to doHad those who receive government $$$$$$ under § 5182 done what they’re supposed to do, not only would people like this guy be adequately informed, but Hurricane Katrina people like us also would have known what we were never told.  (And it infuriates me that lawyers like New Orleans Attorney Marta Ann Schnabel criminally profits from disasters, unlawful FEMA contract, and even had (still has) a not-helpful-to- disaster-victims hotline through Schnabel’s sham nonprofit, “Louisiana Civil Justice Center”!) 

*The Nonprofits and entities described above are listed along with MANY other NONPROFITS here >> REVISED_Nonprofits, NGOs, Foundations, Charitable Affiliates

**Also, for people who’ve been reading my posts since the 2006 Casualties From New Orleans’ Ineptness and Corruption Are Coming To A City Near You “ probably know I’m not good at / usually don’t have time for proofreading –but feel free to email corrections. (smile)