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MAYDAY –Please Help Save My Life!

*SIGNIFICANT words / phrases:  Diocese of Lafayette, Bowman Systems, LSNDC, New Orleans federal judge Jay Zainey, Department of Justice attorneys (DOJ)

Hopefully this is not too disturbing to read.  I am desperate.  The thing is –as soon as I can be murdered without traces to persons responsible, it is almost certain to happen.  My death could be made to seem like it was a gas explosion, leap off a bridge, robbery victim, vehicle accident.  Or, after falsely arresting me, I’d be found hanged in a jail cell.  But it won’t be because I took my life.  I am extremely sad about what seems almost certain to happen –if I am not rescued.

Across this nation, there have been rallies, demonstrations, marches, and protests of police-involved brutalities, shootings and chokings that resulted in deaths; people being wrestled to the ground, handcuffed, bitten by dogs, and wrongfully arrested.  Had it not been for cell phone videos and dashcam recordings, many instances of law enforcement overreach would have been difficult to prove.  (This is no intent to discount police officers whose actions have been valid, necessary, ethical –and who go the ‘extra mile’.)

But there’ll be no cell phone videos around to show when I am unjustly arrested, or that my life was unjustly taken from me; nor will there protest demonstrations.  SO, before I unjustly meeting demise, I’m pleading to be rescued.  

May I ask those of you who read this to share my S.O.S. via social media, as it seems the fastest and most helpful way of a shining spotlight that would deter people responsible for deliberately throwing me in ‘the ocean’ (explained below), from finishing me off.

This is extremely difficult and painful to write; so please, please overlook parts where it seems like I’m rambling. I’m trying to be informative enough so that it will clear why getting involved with helping me is worthwhile. And I’m trying to be clear about how and why my predicament pertains to protests like these: “All Lives Matter,” “Stop the Violence,” “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” “No Justice, No Peace,” “I Can’t Breathe.(Yes, I have entreated –to no avail–  to local and non-Louisiana authorities,  And below I explain why it place loved ones at risk if I sought refuge among them.)

Depicting the wretched way in I have been living as existing inside a ‘virtual ocean’ accurately points out the fact that unjustly, unlawfully my freedom already has been taken from me –by Louisiana political operatives who deliberately and repeatedly lacerate me, and law enforcements that “look the other way.” Additional explanation about the way I have been forced to live is described below.

Without public observation (cameras rolling) people like me are in harms way for speaking up and writing about outrageous, unlawful disparities and indignities against American citizens.  Whoever they are –unless citizens “grin & bear it,” or “take matters into their own hands” —if we take initiatives to contact our legislators, or attempt legal remedies, usually we become  permanently cast in to judicial / political netherworlds for targets of oppression anytime, every time we speak out.  Although positioning ourselves or our families in danger is not the outcome we hope for, the other alternative amounts to being socially and economically enslavedwhatever our color of skin or race. 

Also, unlawful and fraudulent economic disparity and injustices are among the precise reasons why people become estranged from loved ones!  Although the very last thing indigent people want to happen is be estranged from love and support –inability to control or change impoverishing politically-entrenched economic systemic and policies is why incalculable numbers of people inadvertently wound up being burdens to their families and friends.

PEACE, JUSTICE, and VIOLENCE protests, therefore should not exclude important underlying facts that create dangerous and unwanted social conditions!  People should not have to die for there to be attention to serious injustices and inequalities that continuously happen to American citizens such as these: citizens are being utilized as chattel for government contracts and funding that creates a shift in wealth, unlawful business practices, unfair competition; as well as careers for their family & allies / school systems are being taken over –and people’s privacy adversely impacted through the predatory special interest political groups and law firms that ingratiate themselves into school classrooms,hospitals, public libraries, nursing and certain recreations / targeting certain people and their households and families for IRS tax auditing / multifaceted, unconscionable privacy intrusions / reprehensible blackballing / strategic impoverishment / DATA MINING / calculated defrauding and fleecing of American people / AND blends of belittling suppression via religiosity Hate Speech (often promulgated by faith-based entities that receive massive amounts of politically-orchestrated government funds); and via workplace bullying and harassment.  *Diocese of Lafayette, Bowman Systems, LSNDC, New Orleans federal judge Jay Zainey’s “H.E.L.P.” scheme (not to mention Zainey's various other exploits via use of poverty), aided and abetted by 'collaborators; are prime entities –particularly pertaining Louisiana. 

Plus, Hundreds of Justice Department Attorneys Violated …   (including DOJs linked to New Orleans Hurricane Katrina police shootings at Danziger Bridge and this postal service Title VII case in Lafayette>> United States Postal Service Bankrupting Itself Through Unnecessary EEOC Proceedings and Legal Battles

Social media (and videos if it were possible) and other methods of protesting and shedding light is critical before another death or brutality situation.  And doing so will also help rescue people (like me) who sacrificially stand up and speak out for civil rights and social justice.  For example, when people like me make inquiries about things such as how can religious entities can obtain state legislative grants and government funding with regard to poor communities, and place families & allies on tax exempts payrolls while their communities grow impoverished and dangerous –Off with my head!  Toss me in a virtual ‘ocean’!  And since I didn’t drown, I will be extinguished by any means necessary.  The problematic factor about Community Development Block Grant fraud that some of us encounter, is that there are chosen poor families who are being  well-compensated because their circumstances help facilitate federal funding (including to the extent of bullying neighbors, tampering with meters and A/C units to force them to move).  Those such people  terrorize who and whatever even poses an unintentional threat to their gravy trains and meal tickets!

EXPOSURE, protests, and marches are needed because on an ongoing basis, in some manner or another, tens of thousands of American people are being unconstitutionally deprived of civil liberties, equity, employment, and various provisions that have been enacted by Congressional laws.  Plus, social hatred, envy, poverty, and even friction among friends and family are derivatives of unfairly depriving people (and furnishing convoluted information as some cockamamie basis) for why we are being illegally excluded from fair opportunities to have jobs and businesses.  Social conflict worsens when secret political quid pro quo deals are how some people obtained contracts and jobs without job applications, open competitive bidding, and so on.

Also, in a way, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” applies to targeted people whom some clandestine political deals and slush funds, subjects them unwarily to discrimination shakedowns.  And long before some people encountered deadly police-involved situations –in various ways injustices, inequality, and Constitutional wrongs have taken various aspects of people’s freedoms, and inequitably stolen our quality of life.

A November 28, 2016 piece I wrote includes additional facts about unlawful separation of church & state activity, faith-based oppression, and my ‘ocean’ life.  I did not specify my ‘ocean’ living, but that is exactly what I was referencing when I stated I’ve been surviving a long-standing horrendous situation through “fighting on my knees.” 

More recently –following what occurred at my domicile on July 6, 2017; and denial of help although I CRIED and BEGGED– I wrote an urgent July 10, 2017 facsimile correspondence that also contains some graphic facts and details about what has been occurring (personally, and about the classes of us exploited, defrauded Katrina exiles, especially from New Orleans).  The fact that there has been no response substantiates i is hoped that I’ll die.  Here’s an excerpt from that correspondence I gave to Community Foundation of Shreveport/Bossier, and to the Wiener, Weiss & Madison law firm.

“Analogous to people who have been thrown into an ocean, and continuously scream for help –or analogous to victims of criminals who broke our limbs, fed us poison, and other unthinkable acts –or people who have been lawlessly ransacked, robbed and injured, but the guilty have never been brought to justice, such are illustrations of innumerable people who are victims of Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) and Nonprofit thefts, exploitation, and fraud.  Community Foundation of North Louisiana is a major cause and / or factor of crippling conditions in which we exists!” (The entirety of the July 10, 2017 statement can be read here: FAXED-ltr-to-Community-Foundation-Wiener-Weiss-Madison)

Since the time that I established my Law & Grace social justice ministry in 1998, my platform has remained for purposes of religious and non-religious enrichment, for diluting economic tyranny, and aspects of social outreach.  I simply want to fulfil the vocation that evolves from my hope and faith; and which give me purpose and meaning –even while I was a battered spouse, and after Hurricane Katrina displacement I didn’t cease carrying on my vocation.  I’ve been a ‘drum major for justice and fairness’ for over two decades. (Those aspirations started being interrupted after being a domestic abuse spouse hurled me into judicial / political enmity and financial ruin.) http://lawgrace.org/about/[(My exposure to political / judicial injustices accelerated from that violent marriage, and entailed numerous court cases state and federal courts –including bankruptcies.   Also, I referred to Lady Gaga’s  “Til It Happens To You,” when I briefly stated facts about my domestic violence ordeals –and the fact that it was my effort at hiding from that spouse after Katrina, is how I unknowingly became one of the hurricane evacuees  preys of the nonprofit world that’s tied to billions in hurricane disaster funds and  Block Grants.

I am begging.  Please help!  Even if I live another 10, 20, 30 years, I don’t want to continue living in the virtual ‘ocean’ where I was thrown more than five (5) years ago.  I am suffering and my health is worsening.  Killing me is the next likely move, as soon as an opportunity present itself whereby it could happen without traces to responsible persons. (Such is typical for politically-lacerated Louisianians; murdered Jim Leslie is a Shreveport example.)  Afterwards, local authorities could pretend to launch an investigation; and might even assign blame to some guiltless person.  A different method would be to unlawfully arrest me –and days later announce I was found hanging in a jail cell.  I’m also asking to be rescued so that I can go among my family and friends without being worried about possibly subjecting them to harms or risks such as reprehensible privacy invasion; unlawful surveillance, employer bullying, reprisal, layoffs; mortifying false gossip, uncomfortable arm-twisting at places they work and worship.

Even when no person is brutalized or killed, more than ever, protests and marches are needed for purposes of prompting policy changes that can help all citizens to be safer, receive fair economic chances –and even better relate to valid viewpoints beyond their personal social circles. 

And protests are needed for purposes of curtailing misuse of public offices by elected officials in such a manner that create harmful situations, and whereby American citizens are thrust into predicaments that causes problems instead of solutions.  In fact, there needs to identification of legislators and policy makers who present to Congress and who enact legislations that harm, instead of help their constituents –and protests that hold officials accountable when their actions serve themselves and friends, rather than purposes for which they were put into office.  Protests such as those kinds will help make our nation safer and economically healthier –and people who speak out don’t have to suffer. 

Also, it needs to be mentioned that certain robberies and thefts occur because thieves themselves and their families are hungry.  And systemic factors like deceptive business practices, unfair competition, outrageous discrimination, and frauds are forcing scores of people into poverty.  The bottom line is that certain political systems and policies are in place that are beyond employed as well as unemployed people’s ability to do anything about –especially not without clear information and facts for best possible approaches and remedies. 

Moreover, increasingly financially comfortable people do not fare so well either.  They are not exempt from the adverse unjust, inequitable impoverishment of people by refusing to allow equal opportunities. 

The city in which I lived for more than 40 years before hurricane displacement, New Orleans, is an example.  Thousands of us minorities and “poor” people who, all our lives had lived there, became illegally and fraudulently excluded from returning after the 2005 hurricanes.  Incalculable numbers of news stories reported about real estate developers, disaster capitalists and political corruption that turned New Orleans into a city of “whiter,” “wealthier” people . However, violence, robberies, and crime there is pervasive!  Clearly, the schemers should also be told ‘stop the violence’ and fix some things they broke (particularly things that benefit people who don’t wish to remained exiled).  *SEE: 10 Years After Katrina, New Orleans Is 'Gentrification's ...

It's not rocket science.  Persistent outcomes from discriminating and defrauding people (wherever we reside) of equal economic opportunities, are the realities of dangerously mental distressed people, violence, drugs, and robberies.   For probably millions of people, quality of life has been unjustly and unconstitutionally stolen.  This Biblical precept is profound:

“Remove far from me vanity and lies: give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with food convenient for me: Lest I be full, and deny thee, and say, Who is the LORD? or lest I be poor, and steal, and take the name of my God in vain.  –Proverbs 30:8-9


In conclusion: MAYDAY