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United States Postal Service Bankrupting Itself Through Unnecessary EEOC Proceedings and Legal Battles

by Che_Lynn


The United States Postal Service seems to be deliberately willing to bankrupt itself by paying millions of dollars to its own “National Equal Employment Opportunity Investigative Services Office” (NEEOISO); and to hosts of law firms; as well as to an EEOC administrative judge located in New Orleans –pertaining one Title VII discrimination Complainant that's shown below.  And considering various appalling things that occur within postal EEO investigations, and Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR), it does not seem likely that privatizing the postal service would help financial hemorrhaging.

From the time frame of 2015 up to this present date, this sole postal (now former) employee’s hostile environment and discrimination claims have yet to be settled, despite Prima Facie proof (apparent delay for purposes of unjustly defeating Title VII claims and ego satiation).  This discrimination case is currently pending in federal court (of which, the postal service has not even filed its responsive pleading that was initially due in July 2018).  The Proper Person Plaintiff’s self-evident discrimination claims proves that the U.S. postal agency’s supervising management repeatedly engaged in hostile work environment, harassment, reprisal and other wrongs.  Plus, postal service facebook postings such as the sample box below shows vulgar, hostile, unfair, harassing, and probably criminal activity.  Also, the district court case delineates causes of action regarding postal discriminations and EEOC proceedings.

   FACEBOOK excerpts filed in court -Lafayette Postal Service

*The United States Postal Service’s “NEEOISO” is comprised of over 80 field offices. Tampa, Florida is the location of its main office.   Challenges and opposition to the Postal Service’s blatant conflict of interest EEOC investigations abound. Among the EEOC offices, its New Orleans EEOC district encompasses locations elsewhere.  In New Orleans EEOC systems, a small percentage of minority Title VII discrimination cases receive fair adjudication, either via EEOC hearing proceedings or federal courts –unless, from all appearances, the agenda entails
“sue & settle” shakedown of small companies..  Much anticipation about whether this case will be whitewashed, justice denied, and lawyers laugh all the way to their banks.

This post is being shared because possibly discrimination facts and claims asserted in this case might be helpful to other Title VII /  EEOC claimants, and in hopes of acquiring ethical legal representation for this postal service case. Actual court document: Plaintiff versus United States Postal Service

**Upcoming #hastag, along with additional EEOC / Postal Service information and facts to be posted soon. For the time being here are a few suggestion for research pertaining EEOC matters.


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